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最新のアップデート 24/06/2020

Inspired by the specialty coffee culture around the world especially in Australia, Ristr8to is an independently unique cult concept cafe striving to serve the best coffee in every single cup we make. We have immersed ourselves in the specialty coffee cultures of many of the world's great cities, in pursuit of the perfect coffee and pass on those experience via our coffee menus. At Ristr8to, we have taken a lot of time, pride and effort to perfect our coffee in order to provide our customers with the best cup we can, each and every time with our dedication, excellence and passion. COFFEE CULTURE IN CHIANG MAI : We love the way coffee industry has developed in Chiang Mai over the past 5 years since we have moved here from Australia, and have prespect for the xcores of small independent orerators who are making name for themselves and we attend to share or passion and philosophy in coffee with them and pass on those experience to our customers to keep this circle running and improving.