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Blending many of our own single origin bean together and playing with the roasting date to get the unique flavor that we want as a result  is always our fun experiment. We have many of our ways to come up with our unique blend for different purposes, sometimes even some incidents have ended up with amazingly great result. However apart from our occasionally blend we have released seasonally, we are trying not to be too wild and be more consistent when it comes down to our house blend. While we would like our customer to experience many different flavors of coffee through our single origin, we would like to make sure that they can get same great coffee everytime they come in with our house blend. Each of our cafe have its own house blend which is not the same bean and not the same flavor but be blended under the same logic of balanceing aroma, taste, body to create the unique flavor that can withstand the addition of milk but also good by it own so most of them will be roasted closer to the 2nd crack.


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